A Room of My Own

Virginia Woolf talks about writer’s needing “A Room of One’s Own,” in which to write in her essay of the same name.  As I sit at my desk and look around me, I understand the importance of having my own space to imagine my next book.

My husband and I actually made an office out of our dining room with a desk, book shelf, and a recliner that I bought for him with money I made working part-time at a ladies boutique.  It gave me great pleasure to be able to give Wayne such a wonderful gift.  He enjoys sitting in his recliner as he reads his morning paper in front of the bow window, or does his crossword puzzles and watches movies on his iPad.  The only problem is, I can’t write in there when he is present. It has become his space — a place where he likes to go to be alone. I needed my own space.  So this is what I did:
In our living room we have a gate leg table that you can open up as a dining table for company.  It doesn’t get used a lot, so I decided to turn it into my writing space.  I opened up one end of it where I placed my dictionary, thesaurus, writing books, and other writing paraphernalia:  pens, calendar, a picture of some of my closest friends, and of course, my lap top.

I then bought a couple of square wicker baskets which I placed on either side of the desk/table for files, research, notebooks and such, and a bought a small glass end table to place my lap top when I want to do research on the table top.

Over my desk is an Emily Carr print called the Indian Church circa 1929.  Her paintings offer a memory for me of time spent going through one of Carr’s art books with my daughter, Mallory.  She was taking art classes’ at the time, (way back when she was in public school).  Shortly after that incident, my daughter started to draw just the trunks of trees just like Emily often did.  It felt good to know that my daughter had been paying attention, and not to tell a lie – that our shared time had made an impression on her.

Behind where I sit is a love seat and two chairs surrounding the gas fireplace where I like to journal, read, or take notes in comfort.  At Christmas time, this is the room that we place our Christmas tree in the corner by the fire.  So I get the added bonus of enjoying the tree for the entire month of December.  It’s also the place where I invite my friends when they come to visit.  We sit around the fire drinking wine and talk while music plays in the background.

I have often thought of asking Wayne to switch rooms with me so that we only have one office, then I stop myself.  Do I really want to switch rooms? I love my writing space.  The desk/table sits between two windows where I can gaze out and dream of my characters, while keeping an eye out for the mailman – a great excuse to take a break. Why would I want to be anywhere else when I already have, “A Room of My Own.”

Let me know where you like to write.

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