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River of The Stick Wavers – Study Questions

  1. How did the relationships between:
    1) Grace and Mary and
    2) Grace and Maggie
    help to change Grace? Have you ever had such a friendship with another person?
  2. What is the significance of the river in River of the Stick Wavers?
  3. Do you think that Henry Franco was justified in is feelings toward Grace? Why or why not?
  4. The mythical singing that Grace heard is integral to the story. What do you think is the significance of the singing?
  5. How did the history of the voyageurs help Grace to change?
  6. Did you think, or hope, that there was an intimate connection between Grace and George? Would it have added anything to the story? Why?
  7. Grace felt a strong connection with her landscape. Do you think it’s possible for a person to have this kind of connection? Why?
  8. James seemed very comfortable in his own skin. He had no illusions about his place in the world. Why do you think this is? What would it take for you to feel content with who you are and your place in the world?
  9. The female characters in this story are all strong women (whether they realize it or not). Based on your own experience, how would you define what constitutes a strong woman?
  10. Did you find the end of this story satisfying? Why or why not?
  11. Did you understand why Grace decided to stay at the French River?
  12. This book talks about the many ways people deal with death. If you feel comfortable, talk about the different ways people have dealt with death and grief in your own life.


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