Dragonfly in Amber – Being Stuck

Dragonfly in Amber.

In Season 2 of the Outlander series, there’s a scene where a 20th century Claire comes across a dragonfly in amber on display in a museum.  This dragonfly in amber was a wedding gift given to her by Hugh Munro after she married Jamie Fraser in 1746.  To me, the dragonfly in amber symbolizes being stuck in time.  Those of you who follow the Outlander series know that Claire passes through time from 1946 to 1746 and becomes stuck there.  She tries to get back to her own time – until that is, she falls in love with Jamie Fraser.  But when she is forced to return to the 20th century at the Battle of Culloden for her own safety and that of the child she carries, she becomes stuck in her own time period believing that the love of her life died at the Battle of Culloden 200 years prior. This image made me think about the places that we get suck in our own lives, like the dragonfly, in our amber prison.

As we become adults and move away from home to live our own lives, we naturally change.  But because we have been away, our family has not seen this change come about and continues to treat you in the old way.  Your mom may still ruffle your hair and treat you like a child, or your dad might repeat old relationship patterns that no longer apply to the new and improved you.

Are you stuck in a cycle?

I think we all have patterns that we keep repeating that are not healthy.  I tend to worry about things that never happen.  It only serves to create anxiety in me and makes it difficult to concentrate, or sleep at night.  Other people might date people who are no good for them.  Or perhaps you keep looking for work in the same old places, when you could be evaluating other options.

The cracks are where the light gets in.

We all have bad memories.  They could range from a controlling father, to an abusive relationship.  Either way, it is a place we are stuck and cannot seem to break away from.  We carry the memory around with us.  It defines who we are and we don’t know who we’d be without it. What we need in this situation, in all our stuck places, is a miracle – what Marianne Williamson defines as a change in perspective.

Before we can change anything in our lives, we must first have an awareness that something really does need to be changed.  We have to be ready and open to new possibilities before we can make that change.  Perhaps it’s a bad marriage that no longer nurtures you, or it’s time for a job change.  Once you acknowledge what needs to change, you can bring it into the light and have a closer look at it.  Once it’s out in the open, something miraculous happens.  We start becoming aware of messages, and sometimes those messages appear in the most unexpected places.  It could be an article in a magazine that talks about how to leave that dead end job.  Or perhaps you will meet someone who guide your through the unchartered waters of divorce.  The point is, when you are ready for a miracle, your mind becomes open to the possibilities and messages.  You don’t have to remain stuck like the dragonfly in amber, you can break free of your prison and learn to live out in the open where you belong.  Don’t you deserve that?

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