Hotel Du Lac

Much like Turtle Diary by Russell Hoban, Hotel Du Lac by Anita Brookner, is a quite novel about an ordinary woman who has been sent away to Hotel du Lac to overcome a recent folly of the romantic kind.

Edith Hope is a woman who has been deemed unacceptable in a society that abhors passion or any kind: Passion for life, for independence, for love, for a simple life.

The hotel she has been sent to appears to be of the convalescent kind and is deliberately quiet so as not to cause any upset to any of the regular guests.  This, she believes will give her the opportunity to work on her recent novel.  Instead she becomes enmeshed in the lives of her fellow inmates, who seem to have secrets of their own.

Forgotten by her so-called friends, and exiled from her home, Edith wonders what will become of her when she meets Mr. Neville who she believes may be the answer to her problems.  But is the cost too high?

To find out what event brings Edith to the hotel is of a surprising nature.  You must read for yourself to discover the truth and the choice she decides to make in the end.

This lovely book was the winner of the 1984 Booker Prize and was discovered by me through the Folio Society who keep alive the old classics that are so hard, if not impossible, to get at Chapters and my local library.

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