Life is Holy

We serve life, not because it is broken, but because it is holy.

-Mother Theresa-

In my new book River of the Stick Wavers one of the characters, Harry Stonecalfe, tells the story of the Seven Fires Prophesy in a scene that takes place after a sweat lodge ceremony with the two of the main characters, Grace Irwin and Mary Whitefeather.  The prophesy, though written thousands of years ago, predicts the coming of the white man, followed by the destruction the Native way of life.  But the thing that really stands out for me, and something I’d like to address today, is the final prophesy that speaks about having to choose between the road of technology, and the road to the Spirit that would lead to the lighting of the eighth and final fire of peace, love and brotherhood.  If we choose the road of technology, it could mean the destruction of all the people of the Earth.

Of course it appears we have chosen the road of technology rather than the Spirit.  And how can we not?  It is our nature to explore, evolve, and grow as a people.  I for one, enjoy having a computer.  As a woman who started out writing with a pen and paper 20 odd years ago, my life has been made so much easier by having a computer in which to write my stories.  And it is especially convenient to do research and check the local library database for books.  So, no complaints there. I also have a GPS to help me find my way.  Cell phones keep in in touch with my loved ones when I’m far away.  And without movies, my daughter wouldn’t have a job.  So, yes, technology is great – up to a point.

Every now and then I just want to get away from all the technology.  I need a break from the addiction of constantly checking my phone to see who has emailed me, working on my computer, or being in touch with the outside world.  When I go to the French River I want peace and quiet.  I want to listen to the music of the river.  I want to be in touch with my surroundings.  I want to say hello to the person I pass on the pathway to the dock, instead of burying my head in my technology.  It seems that while we are in constant communication within the cyber world, which seems to happen in short, curt, sentences, we spend less time in meaningful dialogue with the people in our direct line of vision.


Look what you’re missing.

Through awareness of our living world we maintain contact with a higher realm of being.  As in meditation, we become more open to possibilities — the answers to our life questions. By being more aware of our neighbours, we come to learn about our diversity and how we can work together for a better understanding of each other.  So often, through technological media coverage, we allow others to tell us how to think rather lifting our heads up and looking around us to judge for ourselves what it true and what isn’t. Living in fear, as Donald Trump seems to want us all to do, is no way to live.  The answer comes through knowledge, understanding and contact with another human being, not by burying our heads in the sand.

Then of course, with technology comes weapons of destruction.  When you consider that in order to survive in this world there has to be a balance of power – that is, nations of the world must have an equal force of destruction to ensure that one country cannot annihilate another out of hand simply because they have the greater weapon.  Is this really how you want to live? So what are we to do?

While technology is a good thing, we need to have some balance. It seems to me that as people migrate across the world, we have an opportunity to better understand each other and work together for a common goal.  If we want to survive as a species — and that’s what it comes down to in the end, we are all the same species — instead of competing with each other, why don’t we pool our resources to help end disease, poverty, war, misogyny, prejudice, and terrorism. Perhaps I am being naive.  But if that’s the case, then I’d rather live in the hope that we can change, rather than live in despair that we can’t.  Will it be easy?  Probably not.  Nothing worthwhile ever is.  But if they can talk about sending men to Mars, I would think we could put some time, effort, and money into making Earth a better place.  How can we even consider reaching out for the stars, and perhaps one day coming into first contact, when we can’t even get along with each other?  Are we going to take our problems into space with us?  Now, at this moment in time, we have the opportunity to honor life – all life.  Yes, we are broken, but in the places where we are broken is where the holy light can shine through, if we let it.  So tell me, how will you let your light shine through for everyone to see?

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