MY WRITER’S JOURNAL Sept.25/17 – Banner Work

This is the kind of banner I have in mind.

There’s so much to think about when you’re trying to market yourself.  It’s often all guess work. Try this, try that, to see what works. In the end it’s about selling myself. I’ve learned that people want to connect with the person behind the book.

So I’m hoping that a 36″X 81″ banner photo of me will be seen from a distance and draw people to my table when I’m doing appearances.  I’ve chosen a photo that I think reflects my personality as being open and approachable. And the colors I’ve chosen for the background will reflect my brand so it’s recognizable in the future.

To prepare, I had to have a photo taken on a green background so the colors can be changed at the printer’s. I will be adding my name, author, website address, and a picture of my book to the banner.

I also had to figure out the best size for my banner. I chose the 36″X 81″ format because I want it to make an impact. Then I had to look around for the best price for what I needed. I could have bought a banner online, but I prefer to deal with people face to face, so I found someone in town. This also means that if I have any problems with how the banner turns out, I can deal with it directly instead of hoping for the best by dealing with it through the internet. It’s so much easier to be ignored from a distance.

The best advice I can offer if you want to have a banner made, is to figure out what you want. What kind of message do you want to send about who you are as an author. Then take it from there. Good luck.

Well, I’m off to get this all sorted out. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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