MY WRITER’S JOURNAL – Nov.2/17 – There are Two Types of Writer’s.

Now that I have decided to focus my energies on writing my new novel, I am trying to find a way in. I already have thirty pages written, and lots and lots of research and ideas of the types of scenes I want to add to the story. Yet it’s like stepping into a maze that may only take me so far, only to reach a dead end. It’s scary. I have these great ideas. I can visualize them in my mind, but how do I connect the pieces? Which idea or scene should I start with?

Perhaps it comes back to basics. Maybe I need to formulate a clear idea of what it is my protagonist wants. I mean, I do know, but how well do I know? And what roadblocks will she have to overcome in order to reach her goal?

My son tells me there two type of writers. The architect, and the gardener. The architect plots and plans every last detail of a novel before they even begin to write. While the gardener plants a “seed”, and watches it grow. I do some of the former, and lots of the latter. I know what my character wants. But I don’t always know how she will get it. That’s the fun part of writing:  to see where it will all lead to. I know what elements are needed to plot a story, I just don’t like doing too much pre-planning. As an historical fiction writer, I count on events, time, and place to help my character move through the story: What is possible? And what is not? It always amazes me where the character will take me; where the story will take me. If I could just find a way in.

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