MY WRITER’S JOURNAL – Oct. 11, 2017 – Lost Work

I promised myself that I’d share both the bad and the good on this journey of being a writer. Today and yesterday, I should have just stayed in bed. Everything I touched turned out wrong. On the up side, it’s because I’ve got a lot of writerly things going on right now. I’m just having a hard time keeping it all organized. Even when I do try to sort things out, I seem to mess up. Case in point, a project I’m working on with someone.

I just spent an hour and half working on it, SAVING IT, and now it’s nowhere to be seen. There must be a place for unsaved documents somewhere. I’ll have to check with my son. He’ll know. I suppose it could be worse. When I wrote my first novel, I lost the whole thing and had to start all over again. Boy, did I cry that day. That’s why I’m so careful about saving stuff. I know I saved that last document I was working on. It’s got to be there somewhere. Grrrr. I hate the wasted time. I’m too busy to have to do things over again. But, it I must, I must. But I’ll be gritting my teeth the whole time.

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