MY WRITER’S JOURNAL – Oct.23/17 – Unexpected Outcome


Hey Writers: As you know I was at the Crazy 8 Barn in Palmyra this past Saturday with 5 other writers. While I appreciate this opportunity, it was a tough sell for all of us. I don’t know what it is, but people don’t seem terrbily interested in local authors. There’s very little support for all the work we put into writing a book.  It’s a common problem for writer’s everywhere. And it’s very discouraging. I find myself trying to find ways to come up with a good reason to continue these types of events. I mean, what do I have to do to get people more people interested in reading my book?  I have a website and a facebook page. I’ve tried social media, with little luck. I put great effort in writing good posts that will be helpful to people. I am currently working on a workshop as you know, and next it’s giving talks and teaching fiction writing. It all means more work, which takes me away from writing my next novel.

It’s not all a complete downer. While these events are a chancy, at best, I always seem to come away with something. Another event comes out of it where I do sell more books. But the best thing is, the writer’s I meet, and the connections we make. This past weekend I discovered that we’re all struggling with the same problem. And we all have something different to share and help each other along the writing journey. And so there is something in the works to bring us all together to start a writer’s group so that we can help and support each other. So when you’re wondering whether to waste your time doing appearances, remember, something good will probably come out of it if you are willing to take a chance.



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