MY WRITER’S JOURNAL – Oct. 4/17 – Making Connections

The life of a writer can be lonely at times. We spend a lot of time in front of the computer, staring out the window searching for inspiration, or, as in my case, spending time at the ironing board trying to figure out plot lines. Hey, the methodical back and forth motion of the iron helps me to organize my thoughts.

But another part of being a writer is to go out into the world and sell yourself. Many writers, being introverted, dread this aspect of being a writer. While I enjoy quiet time, I do enjoy meeting new people. Especially when the people I meet bring out the academic side of myself with scintilating conversation, ideas bounced around, and a way to bring these ideas to fruition. Now that’s when I get really excited. It’s a fantastic boost to my idea machine (brain).

In the past year, through my writing, I have met such people. They stimulate my thinking. They expand my horizons. And in some case, they become new friends. It takes time to make these connections. It means turning up for appearances where, while you may not sell many books, you meet an amazing person who takes you in a new direction. Now that has value in my book.


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