MY WRITER’S JOURNAL Sept 26/17 – Research

I can’t believe it. Today, I actually reached a point where I’m free to do some research for my new book. I’ve been so busy writing posts for my blog, setting up appearances, and getting myself organized, there just hasn’t been time.

I thought I’d get back to reading Twelve Key Pillar of Novel Construction by C.S. Lakin. It starts out with four foundation pillars, and adds the other eight as support afterward. It’s a lot like homework because there are plenty of notes to write. But the good news is, it has detailed questions at the end of each chapter that every author should ask themselves when crafting a novel.

You might be wondering why a published author needs to read about crafting a novel. Every book an author writes demands some new challenge. Since my new novel is historical fiction, I felt I needed to have a detailed outline. Everything I know about 1911 is all from books. It’s much like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. It all takes time. If I am to create verisimilitude as well as tell a story, I need to have a lot of the leg work figured ahead of time. More work now to save time later.

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