MY WRITER’S JOURNAL – Sept. 14, 2017 – Loneliness

Writing, is by nature, a lonely business. Most days, I don’t mind working alone. But some days are harder than most. Especially when I know my friends are out having fun: playing tennis, participating in a study group, travelling, or being involved in some other activity where they’ll make new friends. But I have made another choice: to write. Sometimes this means saying no to invitations to go out. Writing is my job, and if I am to be taken seriously, I have to treat it like one.

On days when I’ve feeling particularly lonely,  I have to dig a little deeper to get things done. I have to focus on at least one thing I can get done today to further my writing life. Sometimes it takes a while, but once I’m under the writing spell, I can forget about my loneliness.  I’d like to say that my sacrifices will be worthwhile in the end, but that isn’t always the case. Writing is often just about the personal satisfaction of getting the work done, of becoming a published author. It can’t be about the money. Most writers don’t make a lot of money. That’s why they have a day job — to pay the bills. You’ve got to want it for the writing alone.


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