MY WRITER’S JOURNAL – Sept. 19/17 – Workshops




Got an out of town meeting tonight about the workshop I’m creating with two other writers. Naturally, this takes time away from working on my novel — as many things do. However, as a first-time author, I have learned that it’s necessary to find ways to introduce myself to people so that they can get a feel for who I am. Hopefully once they get to know me, they’ll be interested in what I’ve written:  my book and/or my blog.

For many writer’s, an online presence works. But not for me. I’m not comfortable in that realm, so I’ve kept it to a Facebook page and a website.  I’m much more comfortable preparing talks and workshops that connect with what I’m writing about. Since my book is fiction, it’s made it a little harder to target a topic. I really had to think about what kind of workshop would connect people to my book and my website. After some consideration, I realized that much of my writing is about change.  Many of my blog posts are about life lessons, and my book is about the transformation of a woman after the death of her husband.  And so it became that our workshop will be about how we navigate our way through change.

At some point, I would also like to offer a writing workshop: either memoir or fiction writing. But one thing at a time. That’s the thing with being a writer. It isn’t just about writing the great novel, it involves so many other things as well:  some good, some not so good. And as time goes by, I’ll share some of them with you.

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