New Year’s Resolutions – A New Vision

Calvin is so delusional

I’ve always struggled with the idea of having a New Year’s resolution. It suggests that we are not good enough as we are. Self-improvement should be a natural extension of the direction you’re heading in anyway, as I mentioned in last year’s post You are Good Enough, therefore, increasing the likelihood of success. By this I mean that you are highly motivated to move forward on a path of your own making. For me it would be to write my book. Nothing was going to get in my way of making it a reality. While I understand the need to start the New Year with a clean slate — to be able to begin again, try again, have a do over, so often we fail to realize our good intentions. This year I’d like to offer a new way to approach to your New Year’s resolution in the hope of increasing your success.


Need I say more?

The simplest way to be successful with your resolution is to keep it simple. And nothing is as simple as having a single word that you can use as your mantra throughout the year. Last year my word was relax. I tend to be a perfectionist and expect that everyone else will be as well. I know I need to learn how to relax and realize that everyone has their own way of doing things. In this way I will feel a lot calmer and can simply focus on my own journey and stop worrying how other people are moving through the world.

Yeah baby!

As I mentioned, your resolution should come out of a strong motivation to achieve a particular goal in life. My goal was to become a published author. What has worked for me in the past is writing down a list of things I want to accomplish that will make my dream of becoming a published author happen, that is, set my intention. Then rather than feeling overwhelmed with a list of things that I fear I may not be able to accomplish, I put the list in the drawer and forget about it until the end of the year. When I look at it again, I am amazed to find that I have achieved most of the things on the list. By writing it down, I have a visual image of the thing I want to accomplish, and so does the universe. The universe is here to help you achieve your goals if you simply get out of the way and let it. Setting your intention is like throwing a bowling ball down the lane to hit the pins.  Once you set it up and release the ball, the outcome is out of your hands. All you can hope for it that you’ve set your intention well enough to hit the mark.

So simple. So true.

Kurt Vonnegut says, “The practice of art isn’t to make a living, it’s to make the soul grow.” I love this quote. It’s a reminder to me of the importance of art in the big scheme of things. So when you’re making your New Year’s resolution, don’t forget about the soul. Your achievements shouldn’t always be about what you achieve outwardly, but about the expansion of your inner world as well. The study of spirituality has turned my life inside out and made me feel more present in the world, more connected to life. In a world of intense busyness, it is incredible to have this foundation on which to turn to build the life I want.

New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be something we do only at the beginning of the year. Self-improvement should be something we seek all year long. In this way, if you have difficulty keeping that New Year’s resolution, you can re-evaluate and start again, and again. Your success will depend on how strong your intention is. Determine how important that resolution is to you. Is it a passing fancy that you have no real desire to achieve, or is it something that is going to sustain your through the ups and downs of achieving your heart’s desire? Once you figure that out, you’ll be off to a good start. And don’t forget to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

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