I wrote this poem at the end of a week of writing memoir pieces.  We were all pretty tired yet I had to come up with one more piece.  What to do?  I decided to walk down to the dock by the lake and just listen.  This is what I came up with.

Is there a place on this earth,
where there is no noise?

I’m sitting on the dock,
and I hear cars go by.

The water laps against the shore,
and the occasional fish splashes in the water.

I can even hear the breeze
brush through the trees.
Press your ear against the trunk,
and you’ll hear its pulse
as it provides shelter;
for the birds that twitter,
and the squirrels that skitter.

A deer appears to munch on some leaves,
smacking his lips as he enjoys his feast.
His head pops up.
He sees me there.
Then scampers away,
from whence he came.

I worry then, about the bears, I’ve heard:
They can climb through windows,
and eat your food.
Then crash through the brush,
to get away.

Even at home I’m not free
from the noise.
The refrigerator hums,
the computer does too.
And what about the air conditioner,
that keeps you cool?

The telephone rings.
The radios on.
Blasting music through the lines
all day long.

At night it’s the box,
with its endless chatter.
There’s comedy, drama,
and that new reality.
The news, the weather,
and CNN.

The washing machine runs,
churning clothes all around.
Water swooshes,
and the spinner spins.

The dryer comes next,
with its own humming sound,
that lasts an hour,
and then I’ve found;
a timer will buzz
and it will not stop,
until you go down,
and turn it off.

But for the moment I sit,
on the dock by the lake.
Enjoying the sound
Of water, trees, and air.

So I’m counting my blessings
for the noise all around.
For I can still hear the music,
I can still hear the sounds.

The final line in this poem is significant to me because I have a hearing loss.  This was not lost on the people in my workshop and added extra impact to an otherwise fun piece.

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