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The tab title “Novel Reflections” was a deliberate choice in that “novel” expresses more than just a piece of fiction.  It can also mean “new”, “original”, and “worth looking into”, according to my thesaurus.  In choosing this title, I feel free to talk about any genre that would be of interest to my readers.  In this particular instance, I have chosen a book about writing by Dani Shapiro which I received for Christmas from my husband.

Still Writing is a book about the writing craft that has been seamlessly woven into the story of Shapiro’s life.  She writes about our inner censor, letting the writing unfold, encountering our true teachers, breaking the rules of writing, and being informed by our own lives, to name a few.  But the one thing I really needed to hear at this point in my own writing life is to “Ride the Wave.”

For a long time now I have been beating myself up for lacking the discipline to stay focused on my writing.  I believed that the daily distractions that I allowed to keep me away from the page had some deep seated meaning in my psyche that I needed to root out.  It turns out that what I experience is common among writers.  She says that “everything we need to know, everything valuable, is contained within [the wave].”  I know just exactly what she means.

When the writing is going well, it’s scary.  As writers we have to be prepared to receive the gift of story; of placing the words side by side and creating something beautiful.  Having this acknowledged has somehow made me brave.  I am not alone.  I know what I have to do – Ride the Wave, and trust that I will come out on the other side.

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    Another great reflection!

    January 31, 2014 at 6:04 pm Reply

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