Sunrise at Pine Cove Lodge

Morning view from Recollet cottage.

I was awaken at 5:30 am with a nudge on my hip from my friend Joan, letting me know that the sun was about to rise.  I pulled a pair of sweat pants and a sweater on over my pjs and joined her on the veranda with a cup of Chinese Dragon tea provided by the lodge.  A light mist edged the granite shoreline of Wolseley Bay as we sat patiently waiting for the sun to show its sleepy face above the treetops.  White clouds seemed to confine the sun like the lid on a jar, until its milky edges began to melt and change from white, to yellow, to blue.  As it slid slowly from its nighttime slumber, the water was streamed in pinks, and grays, and yellows, muted by the early morning mist.  The blue/grey textures hidden beneath the shaded pines offered intrigue far greater than the light.  But both are needed to create each other, as is true of all things in life.  This is what patience is like.  The promise of something new shrouded in mystery and shadows of uncertainty.  Only patience knows how long to wait and listen for what will be revealed.  Just like we waited for the rising sun, when the desire is for answers and action.

As we watched the final stages of the sun’s awakening, we were joined by our two other companions, Lucy and Geraldine.  We shed our early morning covering as the air turned from cool to warm, for a bathing suit and shorts.  Then headed to the beach, with paddles and life jackets while the rest of the lodge slept.  We slid our canoes into the clear water with a rush and a splash as we climbed aboard and found our positions, front and rear, and began to paddle.  First in shallow strokes, then deeper, as we headed away from shore.

I fell in love with canoeing.

I found myself always fascinated by the shadows on the opposite shore, much like artists have been captivated by shadows and light for all time.  The elements of life.

The canoe dipped and rocked as an early morning fisherman scurried past to spend a lazy morning waiting for a catch.  We turned our canoe into the wake to prevent being rocked overboard, facing the potential threat head on instead of allowing it to tip and sway us at will.  Once the threat was passed, we turned westward to explore the coast as the voyageurs did so long ago, to discover what we could of this new landscape we found ourselves in.

Morning Breakfast Basket
As hunger beckoned us to our morning breakfast basket of yogurt, fresh fruit, croissants, and homemade granola, we swung our little red canoes around and pointed the bow toward Pine Cove Lodge.  There it was on the horizon, its cottages nestled between the trees in partnership with nature.  Why couldn’t it always be like this?  The natural balance of nature and civilization coexisting together in perfect harmony?  Mornings are perfect for reflections on life.

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