Time Management – Good Thing or Bad?

Does your life look like this?

There’s no doubt about it, life is busy.  Even with all the up-to-date technology that is supposed to make our lives easier, we still find ourselves over extended.  Our days are filled with activities, work, children, household responsibilities, aging parents, social functions, and exercise, to name a few.  It therefore, makes sense to want to learn how to cram more things into less time.

But it takes time to learn new skills for using our time efficiently.  For example, a recent article suggests tracking our current schedule so we can see where we might find extra time to fit in more stuff.  Perhaps it means running errands on your lunch hour, or fitting in a walk while you child is at piano lessons. The idea is to carve out pieces of time from an already hectic workload, to do more.  I say we need to learn how to do less.

Why do we need to be busy all the time?  Does being busy make us feel important?  Do we feel like we’re being left behind if we don’t get the kids involved in every activity there is going?  The perception seems to be that we need to get our kids on the fast track if we want them to succeed in the world.  There’s a lot of competition out there to be sure.  But how healthy is it for them, or for you, to fill your days with activities that leave you exhausted at the end of the day?

Enjoy quiet reflection

I can’t help but wonder if we are afraid to spend time with ourselves.  Is this why people like to be busy?  Do we not enjoy our own company?  Are we afraid to have some down time to reflect on life?  Have we forgotten that it’s OK to spend quiet time doing nothing?

There was once a time when winters were for staying indoors to hibernate.  After spring planting, summer growing, fall harvesting and canning, we were happy to spend the winter sitting by the fire reading a book, or just having some quiet time.  Today, we feel guilty if we don’t have anything to do.  Why is that?

I know I enjoy being busy, but Sunday afternoon is mine.  It is during this time I love to sit and read a good book.  In the summer I sit on the deck, and in the colder months, in front of a fire.  This is when I feel most content.  Such a simple thing to generate a good feeling within myself.

Enough said.

So ask yourself.  Do you really need to be as busy as you are, or could you cut back on a few things?  Even kids need time to themselves in order to be creative, to learn to use their own imaginations instead of having someone else plan their activities for them.  And what about you?  Wouldn’t you be happy to have one less stop to make, one less thing to do, and be free to spend time with your favourite person?  You.

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