WRITER’S JOURNAL – Nov.8/17 – No Research No Book

Today, I’m in the process of getting myself organized today for a Writing Workshop this coming weekend (Nov.10-12/17).  I want to be able to take advantage of the opportunity of having hours of uninterrupted time to actually work on my new book.

To that end, I have done a rough outline of the next scene I want to write about. Now I am making sure I have all the historical information I need to write to the scene so that I can dive into the writing on Saturday. It’s going to be a pivotal scene in the book, so I have to make sure all my ducks are in a row. This will entail, reading about Transcendentalism, Fauvism, the setting, and the people who actually existed at this time and place. This is the hardest part for me. Stopping to do all this reading is tough because it not only means I’m not writing, it interrupts the flow of the writing. But I have to get over myself, stay focused, and realize that the research/reading is a necessary part of the story. Without research, there will be no book. It’s that simple. I’m sure once I get a handle on the necessary rhythm this book demands, it will get better.

I will also need to make sure I can describe the scene in detail and imagine what my character is feeling at this time and place. It will include a flashback scene which I haven’t written yet. Oh my, what have a gotten myself into? Will let you know how it all turns out on Monday (Nov.13/17).


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