WRITER’S JOURNAL – Oct. 13/17 – Prepping

Prepping can mean anything from doing research or, in my case, reading about the writing process, which I suppose you could consider research as well. You’d think by now, I know enough about the writing process, having a book published and all. But it’s like everything else, I guess: the more you know, the more you realize you want to know. I’m attempting to get a handle on creating a framework for my next novel. Not there yet. I’m hoping the book I’m reading will help me with that.

I have tons of research material for my book. From things I’ve copied online, to books I either already had, or purchased to help me navigate the 1900s landscape for my next novel. It’s mind boggling sometimes. So, I’ve decided to write my scenes in bits and pieces. For example, when I’m writing about a famous person, I do the reseach, and then write all the scenes with that person in it while it’s fresh in my mind. These scenes will be interspersed over a 9 year period in which the novel takes place. Is it any wonder I’m reading about creating a strong framework? I need help.

Today I wrote about my character learning how to paint with a palette knife. A little bit of prepping, and a little bit of writing. It was a good day.

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